Toinen aakkoskierros marras 2017- Loka 2019

A New Hope

Busy As A Bee Break A Leg Back To Basics By The Book Cedric Cecil Celeste Deus Ex Machina Elephant In The Room Early Bird Catches The Worm Excuse My French Filifjonkan Findus Grodan Gräshoppan Grävlingen Gäddan

Herr Läderlapp

Isolde Isildur Indigo Inca Indiana Jar Jar Binks Jango Fett Jabba The Hutt Knowledge Is Power Knock On Wood Kiss Of Life

Little Bird Told Me

Like Two Peas In A Pod

Like A Moth To A Flame

Laid Out In Lavender

Mint Chocolate Milkshake

Mango Kiwi Mooncake

Mocha Marshmallow Macaron

Marzipan Maple Muffin

Neverending Dream Never Mind Me Oberon Osiris-Rex Oumuamua Opportunity Peachy Keen Paper Heart

Quantum Leap Quiet As A Mouse Quality Time Quite A Bit

Reach For The Stars Rise And Shine Rule Of Thumb Right As Rain Sayan Kötör Sophonax

Take A Deep Breath Tempest In A Teapot That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles Think Outside The Box Tip Of The Iceberg


Ululani Urban Umika Var Din Egen Lyckas Smed Varje Moln Har En Silverkant Varm Om Hjärtat Vänder Kappan Efter Vinden When Pigs Fly Works Like A Charm Worth My Weight In Gold Xtragalactic Xtraordinary Xtraterrestrial Xtravaganza You And Whose Army You Are What You Eat Young At Heart Zonk Out Zip It Zero Hour Årlandå Åsmånd Åtellå Ängsklocka Änglakott Äppelblomma Öiwind Öline Östling